Saltrex BV, Den Haag
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Saltrex BV

contactpersoon: Dhr. Hajdasinski
Joseph Ledelstraat 80A
2514 AA  Den Haag
Tel: 070-2210714
KvK nr.: 63662728

Saltrex provides a secure, simple, independent and compliant online B2B auction platform for all parties with an interest in secondary or distressed commodities and cargoes. By joining Saltrex, you benefit from its global network and presence in the international trading- , shipping-, and insurance community. can be joined free of charge and requires an easy, one-time registration and admission process that every member of Saltrex must undergo.

  • You register as a seller or buyer
  • You fill in your personal and business details, and
  • Following a successful verification you can start trading

  • Saltrex Philosophy Statement

    Core values

    At Saltrex, the core of our philosophy is built around creating an independent, simple and compliant platform serving the purpose of connecting buyers and sellers of commodities and cargoes worldwide. By promoting relationships based on mutual trust, confidence and transparency we aim to create an established network of traders, buyers and insurers valuing open communication and integrity.
    We believe in sustainability: no goods should go to waste. Goods that are regarded less or even illiquid in one place, may be sound in another or perfectly suit an alternative purpose. Often however the availability of such goods is not widely known, which limits the possibility of direct transactions between the ultimately interested parties.

    Saltrex & Trading Industry

    A large part of our mission is devoted to giving back to the environment that allowed us to get Saltrex to where it is now. We strongly believe that by making the goods available through and helping our members to scale and grow their business to an international level, we will contribute to the sustainable expansion and success of the trading environment as a whole.

    Saltrex Culture

    We are devoted to keeping a lateral communication structure giving each employee the possibility to have an equal say in decisions and processes influencing the general direction of the business. When we conduct business with our members and partners we are devoted to using the highest ethical and respectful standards. Our coordinated efforts make it possible for us to maintain a healthy relationship amongst our partners that is committed to establishing a more efficient trading industry.

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